The Odd Fellows
Broomfield Road
CT19 4DH

07712 468534
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We run classes 7 days a week and start new beginners groups regularly. At weekends we run a variety of workshops and photo shoots we are always great fun!

Your first 'pole taster class' is FREE!

Then classes are paid for in blocks of 3 - £30, 6 - £55, or 9 - £80.
First block after taster class must be for a course of 6 classes - £55. After that students can choose which block to pay for.

Extra practice sessions available for £5 for students who already have a course with us. These are held at varied times.

One on One Sessions from £25.00

Private Group (min 2 people) £10 or £15 per person depending on how many people.

We run a stretch class on Saturdays, anyone welcome, £5 per person.

Top Tips

Have a read of our top tips to get you prepared for your lessons and help you feel comfortable.

  1. Don't wear any moisturiser!! It prevents you from gripping the pole and makes it really slippery which can be unsafe.
  2. Try not to be Nervous!! Its normal but just remember that everyone else are beginniers too.
  3. Practice makes perfect!! Don't worry if you can't get a move immediately. Often having a break from a move and going back to it at a later stage or the following week can be a real benefit. The next time you try it you will find you can do it!
  4. Arnica Gel!! Sometimes you may end up getting bruises from the pole during your lesson, get some Arnica Gel. This will help your bruises will disappear very quickly.
  5. Mistakes!! Don't fret if you make a mistake. Everyone does it. The best thing is to take it in your stride, have a laugh and go again.
  6. Most importantly enjoy yourself during your class.

Download our Payment and Cancellation Policy.

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